Business Startup Consultancy

Have all the grand ideas, just not sure where to start? Let us help make your dream become a reality. We can bring your ideas to fruition. Our dedicated team will advise you on which business structure to establish your new venture under.

MGE Consultancy services each client on an ad-hoc basis to ensure your business is setup the way you want it. We offer services in establishing your business, planning, marketing and general administration to ensure your dream becomes a trading enterprise.

MGE Consultancy will be by your side every step of the way. There is no such thing as a silly question, if you have any concerns with any step of the process, our team will be here to alleviate them. Allow us to turn your years of dreaming into a trading business, in a matter of weeks.

MGE Consultancy – we will prioritise your business needs and utilise our highly skilled team to get your business off the ground.

Let's do these things, together

There are a few steps to consider when establishing your business. Let us simplify the process of:

  • Reviewing business name options
  • Identify and advise of optimal entity structure
  • Register your business with ASIC

You will see it mentioned time and time again on our site… Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Let MGE Consultancy assist by:

  • Creating a business plan that includes industry research, customer and competitor analysis, product/service pricing and identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in your chosen field.
  • Create a marketing plan to ensure your business is noticed.

Finance is a significant part of any business, whether starting up or already established.

Allow MGE Consultancy to assist with:

  • Financial Budget – Detailed report showing a visual representation of how and where your funds are being allocated.
  • Simple book-keeping setup and training – ensuring you can manage your own finances early on.

Let MGE Consultancy get your brand noticed! We can help you by:

  • Creating your business branding identity – Logo and other essential business identifiers.
  • Website development – let us build your online presence.
  • Domain registration and web-hosting.
  • Personalised E-Mail – give your business a the professionalism it deserves.
  • Social Media setup.
  • Google analytics set up.
  • Google Ad-words campaign set up.
  • Google My Business registration.
  • Search Engine Optimisation  – get found on google and other search enginges.
  • Business card design and printing – always be prepared for business on the go.

Let MGE Consultancy help you with the administrative side of the business. We can assist in:

  • Banking Setup.
  • Obtain insurance quotes that are relevant to your business.
  • Key negotiations – let us negotiate your terms for you, we will reach the best outcome for you and your business.

What sets MGE Consultancy apart from our competitors is our promise of commitment to you and your new business.

For the next 2 months after we get your business trading, we will be by your side 24/7. Something doesn’t make sense? Call us. Customer enquiries have you stumped? Call us. Need advice in making your next decision? Call us.

MGE Consultancy is by your side, all the way through.

how can we help you?

Reach out to our team and find out how we can benefit your business.

MGE Consultancy is a firm like no other. The firm treated me with the utmost respect and integrity. They were upfront about their vision in assisting my business grow and expand into the online world. They provided their services based on my business needs and ensured they delivered the results quickly and efficiently. There is no team we trust with our business more than the team at MGE Consultancy.

Anthony S.
Managing Partner, Casa Divano

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