Company Overview

“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to get your business off the ground and moving forward.”
Managing Director
Michael Enkababyan
Managing Director, Parramatta Office

Our Core Principles


At MGE Consultancy, it is our priority to help our clients optimise their businesses, improve their operations and evaluate their risks all whilst upholding strict ethical practices. We prioritise you.

Privacy and Safety

Confidentiality when dealing with your business is essential. We adopt strict privacy policies in our organisation to ensure your information is handled securely. Your safety is our concern.


We build a long-term relationship with all our clients, ensuring consistent results. Your longevity in business is our major focus. We pride ourselves on helping build businesses that have a lengthy track record.

Quality Services

We pride ourselves on providing only the highest level of service to all our clients. We don’t manage your expectations, we exceed them. You are the most important element to our business. Click here to review our Services

Challenging Staff

We carefully handpick our team to ensure that our staff are always up for the challenge. Our ad hoc approach in tailoring consultancy to your needs will always keep our team on their toes.

Innovation Solutions

Our team of professionals see what others don’t, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently deliver innovative solutions. We will bring a new approach to your business and achieve your goals.

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Why us?

At MGE Consultancy we are determined to deliver the best results possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Our clients vary from new starting businesses to reputable and established businesses. We admire the effort and dedication needed to build an organisation and look forward to working with you.

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